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            Interesting thought from Hesbighesred.

            If you?ll allow me the indulgence, I?d like to take a moment to look ahead to the final, and to tell you what I?d like to see there.

            I?d like to see us be the favourites.
            What do I mean by that?

            I mean that I would like us?
            • to believe that we are the...
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            LFC v THFC 1/6/19

            May 15, 2019, 11:44:25 am by Hinesy

            LFC v THFC. A few simple letters that state a fact, but a fact so full of feelings and bewilderment. It ought to have been BCL v AJX. It probably ought to have been BCL v MCFC. I see the burgermeisters of UEFA also had both Spanish clubs in opposite sides of the draw for a Barca/Real final.

            But its not. No, it is not.

            So here it is. Some of us would have preferred to...
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            about this site

            We are an independent forum for intelligent debate about Liverpool FC that encourages good new writing about the club and football more generally.

            To join in, register to post or contact the editor on rawk.editor@gmail..

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